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artistic sunflowersWhen we first purchased our property in 2003, our only goal was to own a nice quiet home in the country. Our reasons were simple - we believed that this choice would allow our family to lead the highest quality of life available to us. We wanted to learn how to grow and nurture plants. We wanted to learn how to care for livestock. We wanted to learn more about nature. However, since that time, our understanding of the world has evolved...

We have since learned more about the issues of climate change, peak oil, and overpopulation. And, as a result of this new understanding, our motivations and priorities have changed. So, in addition to our original goals, we are now also focused on gaining skills and capabilities to become more self sufficient and sustainable over time.


original goalsrevised goals
· learn to grow and nurture plants· learn to grow heirloom plants,
· learn to propogate plants and save seeds,
· learn to care for soil,
· learn and utilise permaculture and organic principles
· learn to care for livestock· learn about the most appropriate livestock for the conditions on our smallholding,
· learn and utilise permaculture and organic principles
· learn more about nature· learn how to protect and work with nature (and all it's creatures)
· NA

· learn new skills and develop capabilties to slowly become more self sufficient and sustainable over time











The following video gallery contains some of our favourite videos on potential future challenges. The videos are the best that we could find from various sources on the internet that demonstrate some really interesting ideas. The gallery contains videos on these topics: 

  1. the earth is full (by Paul Gilding, TED talks, source: youtube)
  2. the earth is full - Q&A debate (by Paul Gilding and Peter Diamandis, TED talks, source: youtube)
  3. peak oil (by ABC Catalyst, source: youtube) 

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Another question we probably need to answer is "why do you have a website?". The easiest answer is that we wanted to share our journey with others. We hope that you will be inspired to take some steps of your own! We also hope that you will learn from our successes (and our mistakes), so that your journey may be easier...