zones 3 to 5

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burgundy cymbidium orchidThe following photo galleries show how our zone 3 to 5 (permaculture) garden areas have progressed over time - from 2003 to the present. As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow.

Our biggest challenge in these areas has been a lack of time and money. Back in 2005, if you had asked us where we'd be today, I'm certain we would answered that we would have a few small paddocks fenced and goats in at this point.  Also, we would have thought that we would have started mass planting native species trees back through the remaining native forest... Sigh... In reality, most of our efforts in these areas have only provided temporary gains.  Well, there's always the next 5 years (or maybe even 10 at this rate)!

zone 3: 1 loopy pasturezones 4/5: 1 welcome garden

photos coming soon...

zones 4/5: 2 land of the treeszones 4/5: 3 serene billabong

photos coming soon...