our favourite gardening videos

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orange nasturtium trioThe following video galleries contain some of our favourite gardening ideas. The videos are the best that we could find from various sources on the internet that demonstrate some really interesting gardening tips. You can learn more about polyface farms, biochar, fungi, and nitrogen fixing bacteria in the first gallery. You can also learn more about valuable permaculture plants, including nasturtium and comfrey in the second gallery. Enjoy!


 The following gallery contains videos on these topics:

  1. polyface farms - the essence of gardening (Joel Salatin, TED talk, 2009, source: youtube)
  2. biochar - a forgotten wonder (Lopa Brunjes, TED talk, 2011, source: youtube)
  3. fungi - nature's secret (Paul Stamets, TED talk 2008, source: youtube)
  4. bacteria - free nitrogen fixing (Sharon Long, 2010, source: youtube)


The following gallery contains videos on these topics:

  1. comfrey - great food for your garden (source: youtube)
  2. nasturtium - a great companion (source: youtube)