nature: welcome

a friendly Australian king parrotBefore living at treetops, we had not given much thought to conservation. Although, we always loved nature and all the creatures in it! This section is where you'll find photos and information on the wildlife (including animals, insects, and plants) and scenery that we've come across so far. Please listen to some beautiful bird songs...

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nature photos

eastern sedge frog on raspberry leafThis section has recently been updated. The following photo galleries show some of the wildlife (including animals, insects, and plants) and scenery that we've come across over the past years. As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow. Enjoy!

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garden animal list

thumb150 67We recently completed an inventory of the animals located in zone 1 to 5 of our (permaculture) garden areas. In total, the garden has approximately 180 unique animals (including insects, birds, arachnids, mammals, frogs, molluscs, reptiles and worms)...


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wildlife inventory

lace monitor on treeWe have just finished our first attempt at taking a basic wildlife inventory of the treetops property. At present, our species list is based on the climatewatch species list. You can find out more about this excellent initiative at Over time, our list will expand to include all species we are able to identify on the property. Our goal is to update and expand the list every quarter...

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scenery and weather

homestead silhouetteOver time, this article will grow to include information on the types of scenery and weather events that we have experienced at treetops. To date, the most notable has been the floods of 2010 brought on by La Nina. Stay tuned for more content... In the meantime, please remember to check out the scenery photo gallery!