our favourite parenting videos

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mum and baby photo collageThe following video gallery contains some of our favourite parenting ideas. The videos are the best that we could find from various sources on the internet that demonstrate some really interesting ideas. You can learn more about: the linguistic genius of babies, what do babies think, do schools kill creativity, a second opinion on learning disorders, and what adults can learn from kids. Enjoy!


The following gallery contains videos on these topics:

  1. the linguistic genius of babies (by Patricia Kuhl, TED talks, source: youtube)
  2. what do babies think (by Alison Gopnik, TED talks, source: youtube)
  3. do schools kill creativity (by Ken Robinson, TED talks, source: youtube)
  4. a second opinion on learning disorders (by Aditi Shankardass, TED talks, source: youtube)
  5. what adults can learn from kids (by Adora Svitak, TED talks, source: youtube)