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my favorite Christmas treeOne of the best things about treetops is being able to share it with children. This section is where you will find interesting activities that parents and kids can enjoy in the homein the garden and in nature. Have fun!

our favourite parenting videos

mum and baby photo collageThe following video gallery contains some of our favourite parenting ideas. The videos are the best that we could find from various sources on the internet that demonstrate some really interesting ideas. You can learn more about: the linguistic genius of babies, what do babies think, do schools kill creativity, a second opinion on learning disorders, and what adults can learn from kids. Enjoy!

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family tree

simple family treeIf you're looking for a fun family activity over the holidays, why not consider making a family tree? This activity can be a great way to learn more about your family and can be made as simple or as complicated as you would like.

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lovely plum blossoms- a father's journal,

- egg painting,

- themed play areas, 

- good books.

kids abc scavenger hunt

kids ABC scavenger huntWe have just completed a kids abc scavenger hunt for our garden. This fun activity takes us on a journey through our zone 1 and 2 (permaculture) garden areas and through all 26 letters of the alphabet! Our goal is to find as many different plants and animals from A to Z as possible...

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A few visitors have suggested that we should create a blank template for the scavenger hunt activity. What a good idea! We'll start working on this and keep you posted on our progress...

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apricot rose- mosaic hopscotch,

- backyard games.