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the treetopsdreaming homesteadThis section is where you'll find interesting videos, photos and articles about homestead living. Enjoy!

our favourite homestead videos

thumb150 50The following video gallery contains some of our favourite alternative homestead ideas. The videos are the best that we could find from various sources on the internet that demonstrate some really interesting ideas. You can learn more about monolithic dome homes and perrinepod homes. Enjoy!

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building the treetopsdreaming homesteadThe following photo galleries contain photos taken during the building process at treetops. As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow.

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homestead plan

homestead planOver time, this article will grow to outline our current homestead plan. New content is coming soon. In the meantime, please remember to check out the building photo galleries!

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delicate white and pink cattleya orchid- preserve making,

- yogurt making,

- oat flaking

homemade flour

delicious homemade flour and breadOnce again, before living at treetops, we hadn't given much thought to homemade flour. But, over time, we came to realise that flour was going to play a part in our journey towards self sufficiency. Our first step in the journey was to switch from white flour to whole grain flour. At the time, our motivation was to improve the nutritional quality of our food. Story over, or so we thought!

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Posted: 7 years 1 month ago by Ben #6
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I fell in love with the idea of grinding flour by hand when we were talking about doing it. I still love the final product, and the food we have produced from it. I love the fact that it uses no electricity. I have to warn anyone considering this though... It is NOT easy. 12 cups of ground flour takes circa 2hrs (for an unfit guy like me anyway), and a good few liters of water to keep me hydrated. Would I agree to it again? Yes, but for me the food value of fresh ground four is more important than the energy saving. Consider a good electric mill first, then get yourself a hand cranked jobbie as a later project.